Top game about the Second World War – Hearts of Iron IV, Steel Division 2 other

Game about World War II – a separate category, which will be able to find something interesting as the intellectual challenge amateurs and fans of furious action. In this article we have compiled five different games of different genres, telling about the terrible episode of modern history. Global Strategy – Hearts of Iron IV Strictly speaking, Hearts of Iron IV is dedicated not so much military action as the world mid XX century. In short, the war is sure to be the main theme of each party, but not the only one. Domestic and foreign policy, development, trade and imperial ambitions will take away you have no less force than an army control. In Hearts of Iron IV player can lead any country in the world – from the Soviet Union to some banana republic. As governor, you will control all aspects of public life -.. Ideology, production, diplomatic relations, military strategy, etc. This will both play the real story, and it is completely rewritten in the style of « The Man in the High Castle ». Fit even the main features of Hearts of Iron IV in a couple of paragraphs will not work. This is a huge game in which a hundred hours will go only to the development of a mechanic. It does not favor newcomers, deters confusing interface, and its supplement are several times more expensive than the main game. However, a more ambitious strategy and work on the main conflict of the XX century will be very difficult to find. See real-time strategy – Steel Division 2 in the global strategy war – it is only the columns of numbers in the report window, and occasionally recolorable map area. Those who want to personally lead troops and test the strength of his tactical genius, should look at the Steel Division 2, which tells of the battles of the Eastern Front – the operation « Bagration ». When reduced to the basics, the goal of each battle in the Steel Division 2 – capture and hold a larger area of ​​the map than the enemy. To do this, you need to send forward infantry and tanks, so they pushed back the enemy forces and the front line to the opposite end locations. In theory, it sounds simple enough, but in practice it is complicated due to the several hundred different conditions. In the Steel Division 2 on the outcome of the battle affects almost the same dimensions as in a real battle. It is not enough just to order someone to attack:.. You need to evaluate the terrain, visibility, hiding, the morale of the soldiers, the characteristics of weapons and armor, communications efficiency and supply, air and artpodderzhku, etc. All this makes the Steel Division 2 one of the most difficult RTS and realistic world war II. See Tactics – Broken Lines When it comes to tactics and the Second World War, in the first place comes to mind Commandos series, which is already more than 20 years. Then I recall a couple of dozen titles of varying quality. We will pay attention to novelty – Broken Lines. Firstly, the gameplay resembles Broken Lines Frozen Synapse. Unlike most of my classmates, she is not in real time and not exactly a turn-based. During the pause time the player gives orders to all soldiers, after which no longer affects their actions. The mechanics are not revolutionary, but it makes a nice change to the genre. Secondly, Broken Lines thematically focused, and to see all the endings and completely unravel all the secrets, the game will have to go a few times. In addition to the soldiers control, in a fight to the user will need to make different choices and follow the morale of fighters, which is reflected in the gameplay characteristics. See Multiplayer shooter – Call of Duty: WWII World War II was the cradle of the series Call of Duty, but then a franchise is first moved to the present, and after and did hit science fiction. Which is why the return to this campaign setting in Call of Duty: WWII it became a kind of a landmark event for the fans. Despite this, nothing sverhvydayuschegosya actually happened. Call of Duty: WWII – is still very fast and very intimate multiplayer shooter. Small location and TTK leveled rapid revival. This creates a feeling of a large number of people and the complete chaos of battle. Sometimes even their own dead body can be tripped over. Call of Duty: WWII suitable lovers of simple entertainment that after work you just need to shoot a little bit. Modes are not much different from each other, some tactical maneuvering game does not require. A return to the setting of the Second World frees users from different drones and superpowers. Plus there is a vigorous, though not very intuitive zombie mode and story campaign for show. See Single shooter – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Yes, events Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus do not occur during the Second World War, but much later. However, since the main goal of any game in this setting – the destruction of the Nazis, this title is perfect for us. Also worthy of single shooter, in principle, not out a lot, and each of them should be valued twice. The New Colossus event continues The New Order – an alternative history, Reich was defeated, and Blaskowitz should fix it … in a wheelchair, or riding on robopse, or stealth, or with two machine guns at the ready. The plot also turned out to be stout – with a pinch of irony and trash, moderately deep thoughts and wild fantasy. The bulk of the gameplay Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – this shootout. Stealth, as noted above, too, and it even can be very beneficial. But for a complete pleasure to shoot. Stems from Blaskowitz not very much, but they are customizable and better, because of this, and a wide variety of enemies will not be bored. Watch And what are your favorite games about World War II? Recognized classics like Medal of Honor or Commandos 2? Maybe it belongs to the genre unstated corollary flight simulator ( « IL-2 Sturmovik ») or TCG (Kards)? Tell us about them in the comments. See also: Top racing games on PC and consoles best action games on PC and consoles Top Best Fighting game genre

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